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FLO Swayam

Women and men, both face challenges in setting up their businesses, but for women the barriers are often greater and harder to overcome. They are often confronted with a lack of support in terms of policy, laws, services, and most often, social and family support.

The world needs women entrepreneurs, and women entrepreneurs need all of us. It is time to provide the support and tools to ensure that, in 2014 and beyond, women-led businesses and professionals flourish. Empowering women and investing in their futures can help drive growth in the economy and promote economic vitality and security.

“Swayam” is one such initiative from FICCI FLO, looking to support aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs, thus truly empowering women. Swayam will be a facilitation platform, connecting women entrepreneurs to people who can guide, mentor and assist them in taking their businesses to the next level.

This initiative is only for women – women with an idea wanting to convert it into a business, existing women entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business, women who have been thrown into business due to unforeseen circumstances.

Being an initiative of FICCI FLO, Swayam comes with the backing of one of India’s premier business associations. The hand-picked panel of Swayam consists of specialists who understand the needs of women entrepreneurs, who will be able to aptly guide and assist women entrepreneurs.

Whether you require mentorship, legal assistance, financial and accounting guidance, raise funds, or marketing help, Swayam will connect you to the panelists hand-picked to take you on your journey.

If you are a woman, looking to start, grow, or run your business, and need guidance, register now and empower yourself!

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